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Develop your ABM career with us

Strategic IC is an award-winning account-based-marketing agency for the technology sector. It offers a range of exciting opportunities for experienced ABMers and digital marketing apprentices.

Whether you’re looking to further your ABM career, or you’re interested in becoming a digital marketing professional, we’d love to hear from you.

The opportunities for career progression are endless

Find out why Strategic IC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Strategists and Senior Marketing Executive love Mondays.


Declan Mulkeen, CMO

What opportunities are there for career progression at Strategic IC?

We’re a fast growing B2B Technology Marketing Agency so the opportunities for career progression are endless. Our preferred option always is to promote from within and there are numerous examples of team members who have progressed through the company from more junior/entry-level roles to now form part of the Management team of the company. It is up to the individual to prove themselves and take control of their own careers.

What do you look for when interviewing someone for your team?

For us it’s not about the CV or the experience. We take those for granted and are non-negotiable must-haves. What is more important is a) is there the right culture fit? i.e. will the potential candidate fit in, gel with their prospective colleagues, build a good working relationship and rapport with our clients, etc. That is an absolute must for us. Secondly, it’s all about attitude and the ability to be in “continuous learning” mode. We work in an incredibly fast-paced world where new technologies, new ideas, new ways of doing things are appearing on a daily (if not hourly) basis. We look for team members who are curious, question the status-quo and are constantly looking to improve both themselves and the wider organisation.

Gerry Dapergolas, Senior Strategist

How would you describe a typical working day?

It’s a cliche to say that no day ever feels the same - but it’s true. Whether it’s a strategy session or learning a new tool or platform, if you are working for SIC you are bound to be doing something new every day. You might start your day checking your emails or catching up on Slack, then jumping on a client call for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon, you might take some time to review the performance of your campaigns before checking in with some other team members to discuss content strategy. And if it’s a Friday, we like to celebrate sometimes by playing a bit of Mario Kart or having a drink in the office (or one of the local pubs).

What experience do you need for the role?

You need to be able to effectively communicate marketing strategies, performance updates and making sure the relevant stakeholders (internal & external) are all on the same page.

Paid & Inbound campaign experience is essential, as we get to analyse and optimise online (and sometimes offline) channels, to measure impact & ROI. We mostly operate in the digital world, so it’s crucial to know your way around paid & organic social media (especially LinkedIn), Programmatic and Remarketing, Marketing & Sales automation, attribution, and reporting. The most important aspect in everything we do is making sure we put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Time & task management are also essential skills to have in order to exceed at this position.

As we are always ahead of the ‘market’, we need to learn & test things fast, and being able to pass on knowledge to the rest of the team is crucial.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

We get to advise our clients on a regular basis and educate them with our proven strategies and best practices. This is very rewarding as you not only get to help people do their jobs better (and think more strategically), but have a real impact on an organisation. Most of our clients are in the tech industry, which is very exciting.

Jack Rawlings, Senior Strategist

How would you describe a typical working day?

The nature of working in a marketing agency is that you face all sorts of different tasks and challenges on a daily basis, and that's actually a huge part of what makes it interesting work.

The average day, however, will usually involve me speaking to clients about their ABM campaigns, which includes reporting on successes, monitoring ongoing campaigns, and planning next steps.

I may also have an internal meeting or two with the team, and these can be focused on client work, or on wider business matters.

And then there's the actual doing of the client work. As a Senior Strategist, I have a team to whom I delegate some of this, and so some of my role involves briefing colleagues, planning and assigning projects and tasks, but often I'll be doing some of this work myself too - from keyword research to copywriting to advertising campaign setups.

What experience do you need for the role?

I've been working in marketing for around seven years at this point, starting out as a general Digital Marketing assistant, and gradually working my way up through a range of roles in all sorts of industries and areas of marketing, both on the client and agency side, including running my own small agency for a number of years.

This combination of a broad understanding of the general marketing picture, and a deeper knowledge of some of the key channels and tactics has proven invaluable to me as I have progressed in my career.

More generally, a willingness to test, measure and iterate, and a desire to learn and develop has been particularly useful in this role and previously, as has a decent writing ability and good interpersonal skills.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Being able to see first hand the success of a campaign you've created, and how it positively impacts a business' revenue and growth.

The kinds of campaigns we run here at Strategic IC can result in enormous gains for our clients (B2B tech companies selling into the enterprise). One successful campaign can mean millions in revenue for a client. Being able to attribute that impact back to an ad you've conceived or a CTA you wrote, is a massively rewarding experience.

That, and working with a team of experts in a range of disciplines here at SIC, and being able to learn more every day from each of them. It's the sort of opportunity for a professional education that money can't buy, and so I feel supremely lucky to have access to it!

Natasha Hemmings, Senior Marketing Executive

How would you describe a typical working day?

There’s no such thing as business as usual at Strategic - every day is different and we’re always evolving! Most of the day is spent working on client projects, communicating with clients (we check in with clients via Zoom on weekly basis to keep them up to speed), and collaborating with the team to meet deadlines. We use a wide range of tools and technologies to execute client campaigns - from HubSpot to LinkedIn and tailored reporting platforms. We have weekly team meetings to check the status of campaigns and discuss the business as a whole. We also have plenty of tea rounds, bakes, and other treats!

What experience do you need for the role?
  • An understanding of key B2B marketing tactics and technologies - and the curiosity to stay abreast of any changes in the marketplace.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment and juggle a busy work-load, prioritising tasks to meet client deadlines. You decide what you do and when.
  • The job is flexible, very much self-motivated and self-managed. This means team members need to be proactive in their work but it’s great to have the freedom to work at home or in the office and have the trust and understanding to know that things still get done! So you’ll need plenty of self-motivation.
  • The ability to understand new processes and quickly pick-up on a wide range of technologies; you may also be testing new technologies out and feeding back to the team!
  • A strong eye for detail and an analytical mindset - we’re a data-driven agency.
  • The ability to liaise with clients and develop strong working relationships - always striving to deliver client value! Communication is key, both with clients and with the rest of the team!
What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

We have a great team culture which makes work a fun place to be - we don’t dread Mondays! From canal boating to team curry nights, and even escape rooms, we have regular team outings. The Strategic office has a great atmosphere that is both open and supporting; great team communication (in person or via slack) makes it easy to ask questions and collaborate. No wrong answers!

We deliver real value for our clients and foster long-lasting client relationships! We act as extended members of the client’s team and really get to know their brand and help them achieve their strategic goals. It’s great to be a part of a team at the forefront of B2B marketing; our Strategic Labs program means that we are always testing new technologies and tactics to ensure we’re always ahead of the game.

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Digital Marketing Apprentice

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